American Football Rules


American Football is the national sport in the United States. And yet, it is a sport little known and practiced in France. May be because it remains very little understood…

Here is an introduction to US football! We will explain as simply as possible the basic rules of this sport made in America. It can be useful if you ever have a chance to go to an NFL game, or if you want to follow the Super bowl for something other than its anthology commercials and the mid-air show. -time!

The football field

As in many sports, the goal of the game is to score the maximum points in the opponent’s court in a predefined time. In this case, this camp is called “End Zone” or “in-goal” in football clubs in Dubai. Located at each end of the field, this is where the famous Touchdowns (in pale green on the diagram) are marked.

The field is marked by lines spaced 10 yards (1 yard = 91 centimeters) to measure the progress of the players during the match (explained below). It is also divided in two at the line of scrimmage of 50 yards , also called ”  scrimmage line “. Two “Y” shaped poles are planted on the outer line of each end zone like most football coaching camps.

The field is 100 yards long (91.4 meters) + the two end zones, compared to 160 feet wide (48.8 meters).

Definitions and calculation of points in American football

  • Touchdown: when the attackers will throw the football in their End Zone = 6 points

These 6 points can then be supplemented by a bonus by shooting the ball at the foot between the posts (= 1 point) or by trying to enter the End Zone again in one action (= 2 points).

  • Field Goal: when one of the attackers sends the ball a kick between the two poles at the ends of the field = 3 points

US football posts

Each team has 11 players on the field during a match. But the originality of this game is precisely that these 11 players vary according to the phases of the game. Indeed, if the team plays in attack, the 11 players present on the field will not be the same as if it plays in defense. Many rotations are made between the offensive and defensive groups of each team, and both are never present at the same time in the field. It’s a special feature of this sport: some players on the team never play together!

A football team can have up to 53 players, including substitutes who can join one of two groups during any rotation.