Finding It Difficult To Choose The Right Snowboard? Consider These Factors


Have you gained a liking towards snowboarding of late? Great! This is a great fun activity which allows you to stay fit as well. However, if you are just a beginner, you might find it difficult to find the perfect snowboard for yourself. Thankfully, there are so many OEM snowboard manufacturers out there and so, getting one customized as per your liking is not much big of a task. To get the best help while finding the right snowboard for yourself, simply consider the following four factors.

Choosing the right style of the snowboard- It is very important that you choose a snowboard that perfectly matches your style. After all, if you are going to be riding in a park, you cannot buy a stiff and tapered snowboard. Trust us; there is a board out there that perfectly matches every specific style- from free rider to freestyler. As a freestyler, you would want to buy a board that can fare well in the park but will not be too apt for the mountains. Such a rider must buy a board with soft flex, a centered stance, and a true twin shape. Such boards can perform well in places with obstacles such as rails and boxes and you can even perform a few good airborne tricks with it. On the other hand, a free rider would want a board that can ride fast down the mountains, bear uneven and steep terrain, and fares well on the snow. Such boards generally have a stiffer flex, a tapered directional shape, and a set back stance. You can contact an OEM snowboard manufacturer to have a snowboard customized to match your style.

Choose the right boards according to your ability- There are different snowboards to match different abilities. For instance, some snowboards are meant for beginners so they can learn this sport. These snowboards do not have additional features that you can find in other snowboards used by experts. So, if you are well-versed with the basics of snowboarding, you might want to buy something a bit more sophisticated. Even the boards designed for experts are not appropriate for beginners because they are meant for doing difficult things which beginners cannot do. Basically, there are four different levels of snowboarding abilities- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. In fact, you can even check the level mentioned on the board itself.

Picking the right width of snowboard- It is also important that you pick the correct width of snowboard. You do get a bit of flexibility in this but if there is a lot of variation, your money will go in waste. If you end up buying a board that is too narrow for your feet, there will be boot overhanging which will cause the snow to wipe on your boots. On the other hand, if the board is too wide as against your feet, it will not respond the way you like. Check out different snowboards until you find the one with the perfect width. However, 1-2 cm of variations are allowable and will not even affect your riding.

Picking the right length of the board- The length of the board that you should buy is determined by your weight, height, ability level, and riding style. Earlier people measured the length of the board by making it stand next to them and if it reached their chin, they would buy it. However, with the advent of technology, this practice has been done away with. The length of the board also depends to a great degree on your personal preference. As a thumb of rule, the more your weight is, the longer should be the board. However, there are other factors as well- height, ability, and style. If you are slim but very tall, you will still not want to buy a board that’s too long as against someone who is not tall but weighs a lot. Your style of snowboarding also affects the length of board that you must buy. As a freestyler, you should be looking for a shorter length of board as it can easily be maneuvered the way you like. For simply riding powder, you would want something that a bit longer than usual. Finally, your ability to ride also impacts the length of the snowboard. As a beginner, you must buy a shorter length of the board as it will be easier to learn on. If you are an expert rider, you can determine the length of the board as per the other three factors.

These are a few major factors that you must consider when buying a snowboard. Besides these factors, there are various other specifications that might affect your buying decision. But you should not get confused and only consider the aforementioned four factors to find the perfect snowboard. You can visit an OEM snowboard manufacturer who can offer you the right guidance in this regard.