4 Tips to Effectively Fight Body Odor for Men


Men tend to sweat a lot and it also makes men more prone to body odor. The bad news is, no matter how handsome you are or how big your muscle is, if you smell bad, you will automatically look less attractive. Thankfully, bad odor is not a permanent situation. With these four simple steps, you can kick the awful smell away from your body.

Use Deodorant or Antiperspirant

One of the most effective ways to get rid of body smell is by using the best deodorant for men. The main cause of terrible armpit smell is bacteria that grows when your body is sweating. Deodorant has strong antibacterial properties that can be a solution for the problem. When the bacteria are gone, so does the smell.

However, if you sweat a lot, deodorant might be less effective. This is because the bacteria will keep growing everytime you sweat and unfortunately, deodorant can only tackle the bacteria, not reducing the sweat. In this case, you have to use antiperspirant. Antiperspirant will reduce the sweating and keep your armpit dry. As a result, the bacteria will not have any rooms to grow.

Combine with Body Spray with Nice Fragrant

Besides deodorant and antiperspirant, body spray is also a life savior for men with body odor. Body spray for men has a refreshing scent which can mask the smell of your body odor. But it is very important to notice that body spray is only capable to cover the bad odor. So, if you are sweating a lot and you have bad hygiene, the BO will come again after the cool fragrance of the body spray wears off. So, do not substitute your deodorant or antiperspirant with body spray. You have to use both, or simply just stick with the deodorant or antiperspirant.

Keep Your Body Clean

Many people think that sweat is the culprit that causes body smell. Well, it is not entirely true. The sweat itself doesn’t smell bad. But when it mixes with bacteria, this is where the problem comes. Sweat is a nice home for bacteria. To prevent bad smell emitting from your body, then you have to minimize bacteria growth by taking care of your hygiene.

It is very important to take a bath twice a day. You can even take more if you sweat a lot. Just make sure you use body lotion after that so your skin will not dry. Furthermore, make sure to use antibacterial soap to inhibit bacteria’s growth. If it is possible, prepare a clean towel all the time and wipe your body gently everytime you start sweating.

Watch What You Eat

It turns out that food also can cause body odor. So, if you have followed the three steps below but somehow your smell is still not nice, then maybe you have eaten something you should not. Spicy foods and beverages that contain caffeine are known to make people sweat more. Furthermore, when you eat too much garlic or onions, your sweat can carry the smell. So, cut back on those foods and your body will smell better.