How To Comply With Women’s Soccer Uniform Regulations


Women’s soccer is a growing sport in the United States and has become increasingly popular for all ages. As you may know, many schools and institutions are forming new clubs and need to understand the typical uniform regulations that govern this fast paced sport. Here are some tips from Soccer Garage on what you can expect to by to be in full compliance with these dress codes.

Purchasing the right womens soccer gear is the first step in becoming a successful soccer program. Buying the correct uniforms, shorts, and cleats are key in complying with strict uniform regulations.

Soccer is a fast moving sport, and womens soccer cleats provide enough traction to make quick movements and cuts. Without cleats, your team would be at a severe disadvantage to the opposing team. Each field is unique, and you will more than likely need multiple pairs of cleats. Many companies offer a wide variety of cleats, and it is important to choose a set that best complements your team’s style.

Each sport uses uniforms and soccer is no different. Womens soccer jersey comes in all shapes and sizes with a variety of colors. Typically, they wear white uniforms at home and their specific team color on the road. Each jersey must have a unique number that is not duplicated anywhere else on the team. Typically, the number appears on the back and also on the front side. Each number needs to be visible, which makes it much easier for referees to officiate a match. As you can see, purchasing the correct gear, cleats, and uniforms are an essential step in complying with soccer uniform regulations.