Some Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Soccer Cleats


Soccer cleats are an essential part of your all soccer uniforms for the team. Taking proper care of your gear, especially your cleats make them last longer and lessens the need to buy new ones as often. Follow these tips to help maintain your soccer cleats and eliminate the need to buy new ones every season.

Break them in

Cleats don’t always fit the best right away, say the reps at Soccer Garage. Exposing your cleats to hot water loosens the leather and gives you some flexibility when you first start wearing them, decreasing the incidence of blisters. Wear them a few times before the big game to get your feet adjusted.

Avoid Hard Surfaces

Wait until you get to the field to put your cleats on even if you have your other soccer apparel on. It may seem inconvenient, but walking across the parking lot or other hard surfaces wear down the studs much faster than you might think.

Keep them Clean

Wash off mud and dirt after a game with plain cold water and a brush with soft bristles. The softer bristles reduce the chances of wearing down the leather surface.

Keep them Dry

Moisture is the enemy of leather. If allowed to sit on shoes, water both weakens and rots the material. Dry them off after use and put something such as newspaper inside to absorb moisture from your feet. Let them air dry and do not leave your precious soccer footwear in your bag in between games or practices.

Keep your cleats in excellent condition by taking care of them properly. You won’t regret the cost savings and will be surprised by their longevity.