Things that can harm your children in different ways


Children are a gift of God. There are many people who are doing their best to have a child of their own, but this is not something everyone is blessed with. SO it is our duty to raise normal and responsible children, so that they can raise a good generation too. For that, you have to spend time with your child. There are many things which we give to our children, but they are giving more harm than good. Following are the few mentioned below:

·        TV:

Now a day, there is a trend that whenever your child is disturbing you, you should let them see T and cartoons and they will not disturb you. May be this is good for a while, but it has many negative consequences as well. There are many ideologically biased channels which are producing different shows. When the children see them in their younger age, their minds get ideologically biased without you even knowing. This way your children can get more aggressive and extremists too. So when you allow your child to watch TV, also make sure to keep a check on what they are watching.

·        Video games:

Video games are a dilemma of this age. Children love to play video games of any kind. They are no more interested in outdoor games at all. Now a day, CSGO is very famous. There are many children who are making their csgo account to play this game. These 3D games have their own fascination. However, there are certain games that are not good for your children’s minds. So make sure that your child does not play that game at all. Keep a check on them. Without balance, there is nothing worth effort.

·        Smart phones:

Although there are many benefits of having a smart phone, it can damage your child in many ways too. Smart phones have made our life easy (no doubt). However, along with advantages, there are many disadvantages as well.  Smart phone can allow you total access to the internet, which means that you can watch anything on it. As they are small, it gets difficult for you to keep a check on the children. This means you don’t have any idea what your child is watching on the smart phone. This is how many children get spoiled without their parents knowing. So if you are planning to give it as a gift to your child, think again wisely.

·        X box:

X box is also a kind of video game which can help you play with virtual reality. These 3D games are so fascinating and indulging that you will waste hours and hours in front of them without even knowing. So if your child also has one of them, make sure that he/she does not waste too much time. Make sure that they give enough time to their studies as well. After all, it is their studies that can help them grow successful in future.